Matrimonial Disputes

Role of lawyers in settling and reaching the conclusion of matrimonial disputes!

When you are going through a matrimonial dispute, the last thing on your mind will be to go online and search for the right family court lawyer; after all, going through the matrimonial disputes with your other half can be one of the toughest and stressful periods in your life that you will have to encounter.

Once the things have begun to settle down and your separation or divorce has been confirmed, then inevitably you will have to commence thinking about hiring the lawyers that have expertise in the family matters and you will also have to discover the ways in which they can assist you in resolving any matrimonial disputes that may exist over your property.

It actually goes without saying that in the cases of separation or divorce, residential and business properties owned by one or the either of the parties will hold significant value. The legislation for divorce in India can be found under the Hindu Marriage Act 1995, under which all the Indian citizens irrespective of their caste, whether Sikh, Hindu or Jain can agree to null their marriage on mutual consent.

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 ensures that both the parties will be able to make a clear and fair break.

So, where would the lawyers fit into the equation of your separation or divorce? When you will be able to get to the court stage in order to commence proceedings and dive into the divisional section of the properties, this is the time when you will feel the need to have the skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers by your side.

In the family court, the lawyers will provide specialist and impartial details to the court about the valuation of the property.

Once you have moved on from the initial trauma of your divorce or separation, you will start to come to terms with the requirement for the fair division of whichever property either of you holds the stakes in. Irrespective of whether your matrimonial disputes go to the family court or resolves outside of it, you will require an expert, fair and impartial valuation of your property.

Even when your spirit was not in a rancorous state, it will still be vital to ensure that both the parties be at the receiving end of a fair deal.

Another important factor as to why you will need the assistance of a professional family lawyer when going through the divorce or separation proceedings in India is that the time will be highly emotional for you. This means that all your better judgements and rationalism will be clouded by the need to hurt the other one, or if you do not want to give divorce then your love for the other one will fuel you to give him or her whatever he or she wants, in the hopes of getting back together as soon as possible or in the future, such decision and action will terribly be regretted by you later.


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